Services for teachers – Design a continuing education programme

You teach at UNIL or EPFL and would like to organise a continuing education programme? Contact us!

We are the official UNIL/EPFL entity responsible for facilitating, via continuing education, the transmission of academic knowledge to the professional world.
We strive to:

  • Encourage and facilitate the creation of university continuing education programmes in the fields of expertise of UNIL and EPFL
  • Adapt the range of continuing education programmes in accordance with the needs and expectations of professionals, on the regional, national and international level
  • Guarantee that the continuing education programmes offered comply with the quality criteria and academic regulations laid down by UNIL and EPFL

What can we offer you?

Depending on the type of course, we can be involved in the following steps

  1. Advice during the conception phase
    • Analysis of educational needs and definition of target public
    • Development of the programme (teaching methods, design, duration, etc.)
    • Course format (pedagogical scenario, programme design, campus-based and/or online activities)
    • Drawing-up of budget
    • Academic procedures and drawing-up of study regulations
    • Identification of faculty members
    • Development of evaluation concept
  2. Advice on teaching in the university continuing education continue domain
    • Teaching strategies adapted to adults
  3. Promotion
    • Proposal for a communication plan
    • Implementation of communication plan
    • Development of promotional material
    • Use of our established and recognised institutional communication channels (online catalogue, emailing tool, social networks, etc.)
  4. Administration and financial management
    • Processing of applications and participant follow-up
    • Administrative management of faculty
    • Supplying of course documents
    • Accounting and financial management
  5. Logistics
    • Provision of classrooms
    • Catering arrangements
    • Course reception
  6. Evaluation
    • Processing of evaluation questionnaires
  7. Certification
    • Issuing of certificates and diplomas

Tools and resources

Many parameters have to be taken into account while developing a continuing education programme.
The following documents (in French only) are here to help you: